Kasayuli Race

Kasayuli Race
Posted on 09/15/2021
Race Route
The Kasayuli Trail run will be Friday, September 17th.
 The schedule will be as follows:
  •  5:30: 4th grade 
  •  6:00: 5th grade
  •  6:30:6th grade
  •  7:00: Jr. High

 Kids should be there at 5:15 pm in their XC shirts. There will be no bathroom access so kids should be dressed and ready when they show up. Make sure they have their RUNNING masks and water bottles.

 The meeting point will be the the empty lot on Nacaulleq Rd (the first one after McCann to the right)
 Please try to limit time out of your vehicles. If you are please make sure you are masked. This trail run is very spread out so you can park along the main road and watch.
 PARENTS: Please make sure to stay out of the finish line chute even once your child has crossed the finish line. It clogs it up and makes it hard for us to get stickers off and keep kids in order, thanks!
 Trail Description
  •  The Start/Finish line will be in the empty lot on the right at the end of Nacaulleq Rd. 
  •  Kids will run on the tundra trail towards the main road, then parallel to the main road.
  •  Cross the main road into the 1st bowl, run through the bowl to the main road again.
  •  Run in the 2nd bowl, do the turn around loop (above the graveyard) and run back to the main road.
Kasayuli  Race
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